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We create capacity
for your company
As your external finance department
we support you in all financial matters:
Planning, accounting and reporting
Why an external finance department?

Early-stage companies often have difficulties establishing reliable financial structures. There is a lack of knowledge about how to set up financial structures, how a company plans its financial corporate development and how it can continuously keep an eye on its figures and manage the company accordingly. 


As an external service provider, we have experience in all financial areas and can cover the roles of your finance department – from Chief Financial Officer to Head of Finance to Financial Accountant. You receive our expertise in all area and only pay for the individual services and not for a specialized full-time employee.

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We offer customized consulting packages based on your company's needs

Financial Planning 


Together we develop a financial model based on your business model, which is easy to understand and helps you to attract investors



Solid reporting structures ensures establishing a data-driven culture in your company. We develop a solution that is easy to use. This is also how you build trust with your shareholders



We implement simple and standardized accounting structures for your business with a selection of digital tools and automation based on your needs

Strategic Partnership


No need to worry about ongoing accounting and reporting - we got you. We also advise you operationally and strategically on financing topics, personnel, purchasing and sales structures


What size of a company needs an external financial department?

Our customers are founding teams, early-stage startups, agencies and medium-sized companies. The companies deal with 5-50 and have achieved annual revenues of up to 10 million euros to date.

Experience has shown that with this size of company it makes sense to work with an internal finance department.


"Summa helped us to structure our finance department and implement new processes – fantastic & very delightful cooperation, super service, absolute professionals!"

"Summa held a workshop on accounting, controlling and HR-basics for CRCLR. Not only did we cover fundamentals, we also received a useful overview of support tools as well as numerous hints and tricks. As a result we managed to setup a basic and efficient admin framework providing us more transparency over our business."

Sophie Radtke

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Simon Uhcholl Lee

Founder & Managing Director CRCLR GmbH


Additional clients we serve


We are your external finance department

After working in corporate environments for 5-7 years, Benjamin and Fabian both felt the urge to be more independent. Both landed in startups independently and had similar experiences. In companies with 20+ employees, there are hardly any automated, fit-for-purpose processes and management-supporting reporting. They quickly realized that this cannot be an isolated case.  

In 2016 we developed the idea to support start-ups and SMEs in the administrative area as a service. The summa consult GmbH was founded and the first projects started. Fabian was then still working as CFO and Benjamin as Head of Finance. In 2020, both went all-in and are now working for summa full-time. Our goal is to relieve entrepreneurs from operational tasks, so they can focus on their core business. 

Four steps to your external finance department



Book your free consultation


We provide a detailed offer


We implement your customized solution


We support you in your operations and strategy

summa consult GmbH

Leuschnerdamm 13

10999 Berlin, Germany

Tel: +49 30 23987835

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